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Counselling Services

Carole offers both in-person and **telephone counselling. (see below)

Making a decision to reach out for help can be scarey. Thinking about seeing a Counsellor or Clinical Hypnotherapist may bring up uncomfortable feelings. This is very normal and change is never an easy process, but it can be made easier by speaking to someone who understands.

"You are so easy to talk to"; "You are a great listener"; "thank you for understanding, Ive never told another living soul what I told you today" are a few of the comments that Carole hears from her clients regularly. Sometimes change happens in our life and we feel we have no control over it. It is helpful to speak to a Counsellor like Carole who has had a lot of life experience themselves. You will not hear clinical jargon from Carole, as she is a down to earth person who wants to help you find the answers.

The Discovery Session Getting to know you

This session is one hour in length and allows Carole to get to know you and your issues. It will also allow you to get to know Carole and to assess your comfort level. She will answer any questions and discuss fees with you at this time.

Counselling Sessions (In Office) Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long do most counselling sessions take?
    In person approximately 1 hours, but in some circumstances it may be more or less. Telephone counselling is offered in 1/2 hour time frame or 1 hour time frame.

  2. What type of counselling is offered?
    In person and telephone Counselling is offered............for fears, Phobias, Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Self esteem, grief and loss- (death, separation, divorce, job loss), depression; anxiety; PTSD; chronic illness; disability (chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, etc.), relationship (traditional and same sex), addictions and more.

  3. What types of counselling techniques are used?
    Carole uses a combination of techniques: Hypnotherapy, Talk Therapy (Person Centered), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Traumatic Incident Reduction, Thought Field Therapy. She discusses the techniques with her clients and follows the lead of her clients at their comfort level.

  4. Are you registered with Crime Victims Assistance?
Telephone Counselling Information

Effective January 1, 2016, Carole will be offering telephone counselling. You can pay either by paypal or by e-transfer. Then, in order to get the full amount of time with Carole, you will fill out this form that gives some basic information about yourself. Carole will then contact you and you can make an appointment.

Carole will offer hour appointments for those who feel they need a listening ear or a coaching session, or the full 1 hour session for regular counselling.

Fees for Telephone Counselling

Hour................$ 45.00
1 Hour..................$ 90.00

Call Carole @ 250-550-0316
or email her at info@amindfulconnection.com


For Appointments & Info:


Call Carole at 250-550-0316

#8 3100 35th Street, Vernon, BC V1T 9H4 (Discovery Plaza)

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